If you weren't born with perfect teeth, we can help you... 

Whether your teeth have gaps or are mishapen, or if they're just crooked, with orthodontic treatment these  problems can be fixed.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry concerned with the alignment of teeth. The purpose of orthodontics is to correct misaligned teeth for structural and aesthetic reasons.

Why Would I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

If you’re at all self-conscious about your smile, you have difficulty eating or experience any sort of discomfort caused by your teeth structure, orthodontics could be a great solution for you. Orthodontic treatments gradually move your teeth over time, forcing them into a desired position. Commonly, orthodontics is used to treat teeth that are overcrowded, have wide gaps, overbites, underbites and cross bites. It is a very common treatment and can take anywhere between six months and three years to see final results.


Orthodontic treatments are not just for aesthetic purposes. For many people, structurally misaligned teeth can cause other health risks. Having crooked teeth or wide gaps can make it difficult to properly clean teeth, which can lead to further long-term damage.

It is a common misconception that orthodontics is primarily for children and teenagers, however, it is a branch of dentistry for everyone. Many adults opt for orthodontic treatment to create a straight smile or to reduce health risks. Whatever the reason may be, orthodontic treatment is for almost anyone.

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